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by Iker Urrutia

About me

My name is Iker Urrutia and I am a humanist and a futurist.

I am passionate about people and people development, and I have been lucky enough to help many people grow through my career in HR and coaching. I am also passionate about the future and how we can build, mould and shape it. The future has not been written yet, and I firmly believe we can all contribute to writing a better future for all. These passions come together nicely in the Future of Work, which is a topic that has grasped all my attention and interest in the last few years.

Many things have been written and said about the Future of Work lately, not all of them good and some of them downright scary, but like all futures, the Future of Work has not happened yet. We are still in time to build a future that is better than the present, exciting and with plenty of opportunities for all. I would like the Future of Work to be human and humane, so this website is one of my contributions to help shape a Humane Future of Work.

Here you will find all the latest information on the trends and drivers shaping the Future of Work, forecasts and scenarios on how that future could look, my take on how to build a Humane Future of Work, the leadership qualities of the Future Leader and the opportunity to discuss and share information with other like-minded people. I decided to create this platform to share my insights and thoughts about this exciting topic, as only by knowing better our potential future can we shape it and steer it in the right direction. The aim of this site is not just to be a simple repository of information, but a call to action for a better future.

Let’s all together build a Humane Future of Work!

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